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At Breakaway we will be better!

After playing in various tournaments across the country and often walking away disappointed, we decided to start our own tournament. A tournament that would put the needs and expectations of the players above all else. We remember the anticipation and excitement of playing tournaments in our younger days. As players ourselves, we know what we would want and expect from a tournament; we seek not just to meet those expectations but to surpass them.

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If you and your teammates are simply looking for the cheapest prices around, we probably aren't the tournament for you. Chances are that you can find some rink or league sponsored event that is held just to fill dead ice time. The price is low and so is the quality. But if you are looking for the total tournament experience where everything is well thought out and organized; our value, our quality won't be beaten. You see, our focus is not to be nescessarily the biggest - just the best.

Why choose a Breakaway tournament?