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Our Registration Process

Breakaway offers 6 basic levels (Tiers) of play. Upon submitting your team registration, the players on your team will be required to complete online a Player Info/ Waiver form. The form asks for general information - name, age, etc. It also asks each player about their specific playing history.  We take this information to gauge each team's overall strength. Final placement is then determined by matching each team's overall age and strength against the other teams registered for that specific tournament. Multiple divisions may be created within any given tier. It's a custom fit every time and leads to the best competition possible at every level. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Additional information on tier guidelines can be found in the Tiers/ Divisions section of the website.

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Team Registration Form

Beginning the process is quick and easy. Just complete the initial team registration form which will hold a place for your team.

There is no deposit due with your registration. As team captain you also have the choice of how you would like to pay the team fee. Team fees are due 30 days prior to the start date. You can choose to collect player fees yourself and pay the fee in one lump sum, or you can require your players to pay their portion of the fee individually online.


After we receive your form, we will follow up with an email which will walk you through all the steps we've designed to streamline the process of getting your team ready for the tournament.

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