The Registration Process

Breakaway offers 5 basic levels (Tiers) of play. During our registration process information is taken regarding every players age and playing experience. Final placement is determined by our staff, matching each team's age and overall strength against the other teams registered for that specific tournament. Multiple divisions may be created within any given tier. It's a custom fit every time and leads to the best competition possible at every level. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Additional information on division guidelines can be found in the Tiers/ Divisions section of the website.

Team Registration

Beginning the process is quick and easy. Follow the link below and complete the initial team registration form which will hold a place for your team.

At Breakaway we have sought to eliminate the time and paperwork normally required of the team captain. As captain, you will be sent login information for a form specifically created for your team. Players on the team can log onto the form where they will be able to submit all their required information and sign their player waiver individually online. It's a mandatory part of the process for the information we gather regarding each player's playing history gives the closest competition possible. As captain you can further alleviate the headache of collecting fees from your players and elect to have your players to pay their portion of the team fee online.

Individual Players

Don't have a team? No problem, there's always teams looking for a player or group of players. Just enter the Breakaway Player Draft and we'll help you find the perfect fit. Simply fill out the following form and we'll get the word out.

There's no payment due with an individual registration until you have been assigned to a team. At that time the normal player fee for that team will apply.

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Team Management Software

Breakaway Hockey Tournaments Vipers vs R

Breakaway Hockey Tournaments provides each of our teams with the best team management software on the planet. Every team will be given their own customizable team page. Designed and powered by Hockey Community, all players will have access to a host of features including an instant line of communication, stats in real time and an entire social media site dedicated to hockey players.